"I am mentally married to Lisa Edelstein."

This tumblr is all to the impossible glamorous Lisa Edelstein. Hope you enjoy & You can also submit something.

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Goodbye people. 


I just want to say that I will no longer update this tumblr anymore, I don’t have much time as I had in the past. I still love Lisa E to death but I feel that I no longer have the same commitment than before. We have great Lisa Edelstein tumblrs around here and they are doing a great job with all the News. I wont delete this tumblr because of all the photos and memories that it had. Anyway, it was good while it last.

I’m still on tumblr if you want to follow. Fell free to follow, send me a message and I will follow you back.


Or if you preffer I’m also on twitter


These places I will still keep talking, posting and sharing my love for Lisa.

Love you all.


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The best parts of Hugh and Lisa acting together are the eyesex and the faces they make.

Like this:

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True… on We Heart It.


True… on We Heart It.

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Lisa Edelstein attends the premiere of “Transcendence” at Regency Village Theatre on April 10, 2014

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Hey Lisa E. turned 4 today!

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"Whether or not you believe the relationship is a good thing for these characters, there is pain to come. They cause each other pain. And it may be that the final destination is not to everyone’s taste."


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Lisa Edelstein at the Whitney Biennale Opening Night Party 03/05/2014 (x)

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